Compelling Evidence of Success

Research Practices

Success is achieved by measuring and implementing improving practices that mean focusing on Continuing Professional Development and Learning (CPDL) and centering the student as the keystone in the learning environment.

Through strategic partnerships with leading companies in evaluation and research linking students and coaches learning about real concern has never been that easy. Specialists providing sustained, structured support, modeling high leverage approaches and with the use of real-time results with the use of technology has sustained peer support, detection of vulnerabilities to embed learning.

Learners develop a motivated response for subject and curricula, performance on specific skills, self-confidence improvement, willingness, and ability to make changes in order to achieve goals and specific needs. 

At Varmond each process is assessed internally and externally, in order to measure progress and identify areas of growth or improvement in every aspect. Learning outcomes are stated clearly with objectives that can be measured, observed and above all achieved by both students and teachers.

These are some important facts that have guided Varmond’s steps and overall strong desire to enhance full immersion into a digital atmosphere.




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