Ongoing Professional Learning

Relevant and Timely Professional Development

Varmond is lucky to have a committed team of coaches and staff which foster a harmonious environment, empowering all members of the community with resources and solutions, collaborating on an every day basis to enhance an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Varmond’s community has always been a risk-taking one, and is aware that in order to innovate, the ability to redefine problems and frame questions is of the essence. Therefore, every initiative that is taken is allowed an implementation process, where trial and error is allowed.

Once the teams obtain compelling data provided by action research, strategies are modified rapidly to serve students in a better way.

The relationship between

Apple and Varmond

has been very close, considering that many of the devices and software have been piloted within the school.



iTunes U has been the perfect framework to instill training and professional development strategies in a successful way. Being the first school in the country to implement a 1:1 program with Mac and the 1:1 with iPad, has created the need for shared collaboration and discovery. Varmond has received ongoing support and training from Apple, and learning has been mutual, because due to practical use and personal research, Varmond staff has provided Apple with feedback on newly released resources.

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