Innovative Learning and Teaching

Student Learning

Being a pioneer in 1 to 1 digital implementation, Varmond offers a curriculum that provides inspiring and challenging lessons to engage, motivate and raise student achievement, using the latest Apple technology to create a blended learning environment that supports school and home learning. Students in every classroom collaborate, create share and communicate flowing in a natural integrated environment.




Having to solve real-life challenges, they have learned that their actions impact their environment and people around them, which has allowed them to take responsibility on them and seek for new opportunities to act out. Evidences of this learning has been created by the students in iBooks, Keynotes, Exhibits, CBL Actions, Webpages, Videos edited in iMovie and Garage Band, just to mention some.

Instructional Practices

Varmond faculty is always eager to explore and discover new possibilities for improving learning through technology. In a very confident way, they use pedagogical approaches, which promote and enhance the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes, including Creative Thinking, Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills, Challenged Based Learning, Problem Solving, Digital and Global Citizenship, amongst others.

Faculty members are called “coaches” because of their mentoring guidance, facilitating and allowing students to take ownership of their learning process.

Through iTunes U all faculty is able to guide and support the community in a very professional but personalized and caring fashion.

Innovative Experience


Curriculum Design


Throughout Varmond’s almost 20 years, the curriculum has been re-designed to reach the student’s needs. With Noemi’s leadership, the academic team has developed a planning model which allows coaches to integrate digital tools and resources throughout the lessons, in an environment that provides students with all the resources they need.

A model where all core subjects intertwine as they serve a higher understanding of the world, where real-life challenges turn them into significant and engaging learning.

Using iTunes U as the framework, this new planning model allows Varmond coaches to create environments where creativity, problem solving, communication, collaboration and inquiry are enhanced, through a high-tech exposure.

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