Visionary Leadership

Shared Leadership

Understanding the need to raise competent students, who have the knowledge, the skills and the values to embrace and succeed in a rapidly changing world, has given Varmond leaders the vision to instill an innovative spirit among its members.

Varmond has always been a leader in educational transformation, finding new paths to improve learning. In doing so, it has opened its doors, minds and hearts to visionary and leading companies such as Apple, which has coached and accompanied this amazing journey.


Individual Leadership

Noemí and Noel Trainor are caring and passionate leaders, who have been able to share their vision in transforming the way in which their students learn through Apple technology, with a committed community of teachers and parents, which has allowed Varmond not only to be a living testimony of this transformation, but to inspire thousands of teachers and schools throughout Latin America to engage in this endeavor.

Being a couple, both owners and directors of the school, they think of every student as their own, which motivates them to pursuit their dream of creating a better world through education and support every single initiative that empowers their students and provides them with the tools they need to embrace a better future.


Noel has developed all of the strategic planning and alliances needed to strengthen and empower the school’s project. Allowing every person within the community to have access to Apple technology at its edge, connectivity, rich and engaging digital resources, modern and efficient facilities, which have let the academic proposal flourish throughout the school’s history.



Noemí has developed an academic framework which within a blended environment and with engaging challenges, focuses on life-long learning and understandings, 21st century skills and global values. A framework which now has been the basis of a model used in 22 countries, by more than 300,000 students. She is a proud  Apple Distinguished Educator.

Community Engagement

At Varmond every member of the learning community is inspired to fulfill a mission that goes beyond their personal growth with the certainty that as a team the goal of building a better world together, can be accomplished every day.

There is a consistent communication flow and involvement between all teams within the school, sharing all a common vision, including parents, administrators, teachers and students; but also a high commitment with the local community.

Within the strategic planning, measures are always taken to be prepared to technology’s rapid evolution, and adapt both practices and equipment to take advantage of it as much as possible.



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